Queens Gives Us Another One…Meet Varn Curtis

There is something about the talent that comes out of Queens. Maybe there’s something in the water, they have some special kind of air, or they are just naturally born talents folks and we all should just change our residence. Whatever it is, there is no secret that a lot of iconic rappers have come out of Queens boro. From my fave Nas, to the current queen of Hip Hop Nicki Minaj less we forget Mobb Deep (R.I.P Prodigy). But up-coming rapper Varn Curtis is showing us that Queens is not slowing down any time soon. Furthermore its a good time to be from Queens with the spotlight shining on every artist coming out the borough right now!With his easy, relaxed style of a storyteller and 90s influence, Varn uses his words to paint pictures for the listener. Whether it be a song about a crazy night, a period in his life high in turmoil, or a tutorial on how to roll; he wants to make sure that you can see every image and hear every sound as vividly as if you’re right there with him. Curtis recently released a single titled “Us Against The World” featuring another up coming artist J. Arias Marie from his upcoming debut mix tape All My Life;  lets just say this track should have been in our summer playlist. The intro of the song automatically had me do a little two-step with it’s 90-inspired beat that brings back that nostalgic feeling of golden-era of hip hop. Jones flow is just the icing on the cake. Maybe I’m buggin’ but he low-key sounds like a young Jay-Z on this record. Varn Curtis is definitely in a lane of his own and I can’t wait to see what else this young M.C. has up his sleeve. Take a listen to his latest track, Thug Love and wallow in the melody and lyrical genius that he croons on the mic!