Recapping the 2017 Hip Hop Honor Awards on VH1

So we all are in awe of the abrupt ending with this years #HHH awards. More importantly everyone that grew up in the late 80’s to early 90’s were not only nostalgic tonite but hype to remember the bright colors, the flashy airbrush outfits and most importantly remembering what true, unadulterated Hip Hop stood for!


Photo: Maury Phillips/Getty Image

Missy Elliott opened the show the only way Missy knows how…Epic. From the costumes to stage presence, Missy always gives a grade A performance. Missy is one artist that can disappear and reappear without skipping a beat. Furthermore for someone who is no longer in the spotlight, she manages to display perfection and that she is still up with current trends. No one CANT tell me Ceelo Green doesn’t attempt to channel Missy Elliott every time he is on the red carpet. I say that to say…Missy will forever be iconic for the 90’s Hip Hop Movement.


Enter the Libra debonair himself T.I. His fashion forward sense is always felt regardless of the era and he delivers every time. Tonight T.I. paired a custom bomber jacket (post 90’s) with a straight leg cut up jean. He meshed a semi grunge look with a refined gangster swag…I would have loved to see him in something baggy to emphasize the 90’s style. Nonetheless he did not come to play!



Pic: @troubleman31

Enter the Background dancers that took us back to the days of “In Living Color”. Every B girl or dance majors dream was to be the next Jennifer Lopez. If you were like us here at iCreate you remembered waiting for that precise moment to see what the newest choreographed dance was for the week. What musical guest was making an appearance and which girl was going to be in the spotlight for the segment!

Pic: google

Martin Lawrence was one of the few Honoree’s that actually made an impact within the Hip Hop culture with his hit show “Martin”. To see the admiration in Tichina Arnolds eyes tonite as she spoke about her run on the show and how hip hop emerged in the tv industry goes to show the impact that hip hop has on the African-American culture. Every kid that grew up in the 90’s waited patiently every Thursday for the newest episode to air and to see what hip hop artist would make a guest appearance. From 1992-1997 Martin Lawrence dominated t.v. sets and hearts. The many characters that he embodied, the comical phrases that present day are still circulating and that he was the only show to feature Biggie Smalls before his untimely death. “Martin” will definitely go down as a pivotal part of Hip Hop History!

Video: Martin Lawrence @VH1

Lets take it down south where Trick Daddy and Trina aka “The Baddest Bitch” came out to “No Nann”…le sigh! No shade…shit I’m lying Trick Daddy looks like he is one donut away from Type 2 diabetes and what the hell is going on with his skin… WTF? One thing for sure he didn’t miss a beat lyrically but is that going to be his  story…like seriously bro? Trina…Trina what can I say she might still think she is the baddest and you know not for nothing she gets her due respect. I just need someone to tell Trina she either needs to join the rest of the lipo/tummy tuck group or camouflage her rolls better. Mama you can’t be on stage jiggling that…in the famous words of LL…you jiggling baby. I’m disappointed at the fact that Trina is usually well dressed. Her choice of clothing tonite just looked plain unkempt!

Teyana Taylor embodied TLC’s “Aint 2 Proud Beg” look and murdered her set, broke foot and all. The only thing missing was the condom in the eye. The choice of suits and bright Doc Marteens with the Bamboo earrings at least two pairs was vividly displayed. You were not 90’s if you didn’t have at least one outfit that resembled the Cross Colors palette or if your clothes weren’t baggy!


Remy Ma always has one statement piece that will have you scouring the web for the designers name or origin of said garment. Her ensemble tonite wasnt really 90’s but she nailed the “bubble” look. You weren’t shit in the 90’s if you didn’t have a Bear or North Face bubble jacket. The Bear brand came in a multitude of colors that co-existed perfectly with the style at the time. Remy’s vest – shawl – with extended train gave us a sure fire spin on that same bubble look.


Escape finally reunites and laaaaawd Kandi I’m need you to put the mic down or train your voice. You knew what was going on and had more than enough time to get ya self together. It’s no debate that the real singers of Xscape has and will always be the Scott sisters…No?

Video: Xscape  @VH1

Hype Williams will forever be another pivotal icon in the Hip Hop culture. There is no cinematographer on his level that has brought to life the amount of videos and movies with such fervor. Hype has always been ahead of the times in his visual executions. From the famous opening scene in “Belly”, to the many music videos that includes all or most of the Bab Boy family. His reputation precedes him and I appreciate the artistry that he was able to execute in the 90’s…Salute!

Pic: @hypewilliams

Last but not least lets talk about Lady Eloise…eehhmm my bad Mariah Carey. Mariah Carey’s signature high pitch has yet to be duplicated and she has featured some of the greatest hip hop artist to make sure-fire hits. Baaabbbyyy I need to understand this fetish with young sailor men…lmao. From the days of the timid and meek young lady under Tommy Motola to the caterpillar that transformed into a beautiful butterfly. Mimi was one of the first R&B artists to start featuring hip hop artist’s in the 90’s.

Mariah helped to merge two distinct genres into one that can still be seen and imitated present day.Click To Tweet
I just need Diva Mimi to realize even tho she is no longer a spring chicken, she needs to loosen the hell up and stop looking so statuesque during performances. What was that with the helicopter…exucuted poorly!

I’m usually not one for award shows because the quality of music has decreased drastically and no one seems to remember what individuality means any more. I can honestly say that thanks to the 90’s I found style early and wasn’t afraid to stray for the from fashion mold! Thanks VH1 for this years HHH, I just wish that this particular awards would have given us AT least another hour!