Ladybug Girls Club Is The Next Fashion Empire

Billie SxPREME at a Networking Event

Summer is right around the corner, and as we all know that is the time to be wild, bold, and colorful.There is no better way to express that, then with the crocheted and knitted fashion from The Ladybug Girls Clubs. The days of knitting and crocheting only being the pastime of our retiring grandmother’s is now shared with an innovative and sexy alternative. Billie SxPREME has been able to use a talent that has historically been seen as archaic to create a business with a unique yer rarely touched arena in fashion. The Ladybug Girls Club is an up-and-coming fashion empire that features swimsuits, halter tops, skirts, shawls, and many more with your request. Being a black-owned business in the age of social media may seem like it is a walk in the park, but in an interview with ICreate Radio, SxPREME gives a background on how she got her start in the crocheting business, the struggles that she faces as a black business owner, and what she see’s for herself in the future:

ICreate Radio: Tell us a little about yourself

Billie SxPREME: I go by Billie SxPREME. I am 31-years-old from Brooklyn, New York. I am single mom of a beautiful 12-year-old girl. I would consider myself a jack of all trades. I’m very well balanced being. Very street but sweet.

ICreate Radio: When did you get your start at crocheting?

Billie SxPREME: I started crocheting and knitting when I was about ten years old. I learned at the boys and girls club just the basic stitches. I didn’t take it serious or start doing it again until 2008.

ICreate Radio: What made you start a crocheting business?

Billie SxPREME: I would say in 2010-2011, I decided to turn crocheting into a business. I was making things for close family and friends like hats, scarfs, etc. I always got compliments for my work. My sister went to a baby shower and asked me to make a set for twin girls. She told me everyone loved the gift from the packaging and designs. All of the guest were amazed at how well put it was that they thought it was store bought until she told them “my sister made it”. The mom was teary-eyed and told my sister it was the best gift she has ever gotten. That feeling that came over me, that joy my art had brought to that family was the best. So I decided to start taking custom orders from people. I still worked a job and one of my friends from work told me about Etsy. I decided to take my business a step further and opened my Etsy December 2015. I left my job and I’ve been working from home ever since.

ICreate Radio: What would you say is the pros and cons in running a black-owned business?

Billie SxPREME: The upside to having a black owned business is that of course you’re the boss. You make your own schedule, you don’t have to ask for time off, and no one can fire you. Where you want your business to go is up to you. The downside to having a black-owned business is funding and business management. I didn’t have a lot of money start with. I didn’t and still don’t know what I’m doing. I used my paychecks and did a lot of research on my own. Another downside is the support because many people have their own misconceptions about black businesses. For example, many people will shop at high end brands without knowing much about the owners, the product, and give room for error if any occur. But with black businesses before some people support you, they want to know everything about you, which is fine but there is a difference in how people support you, but I am blessed to have great support.

ICreate Radio: How is Ladybug Girls Club unique from any other crocheting business?

Billie SxPREME: My crochet and knit business is unique because it is not just your average crochet style. I design high end fashion art. I don’t make duplicate custom orders so all of my clients feel special knowing that they are  the only ones with that design. Baby shower orders,  everything is provided. Tissue paper, card, so when you receive your package you don’t have to worry about picking out anything else. Every order comes with a free gift.

ICreate Radio: Name some of your popular pieces?

Billie SxPREME: My popular pieces will have to be my crop tops, satin lined hats, and baby sets which I make all year round.

ICreate Radio: Where do you see LadyBug Girls Club years from now?

Billie SxPREME: Years from now my fashion line will be everywhere. Magazines and celebrity clients. Full staffed team and being able to put other people in a position to make money.

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