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Author D Thompson

Momma’s Boy, by Daron Thompson, is like a large window overlooking Toronto scenery that many  do not get to see.
It is a heart wrenching tale of 2 young men and their journey to truth, wealth and power.

Sparks is a young man with 2 separate lives: one on the block and one with his Momma. A business man, Sparks knows how to make money and defend it. He and Tray Pound- who is like his brother, are like botty and bench as they burst bodies and collect; they travel between hood and suburbs with the knowledge that they will always have each other’s backs .But when Sparks realizes his Momma is sick and is on her death-bed, he only wants to go harder on the block and taste the blood of his enemies.

There are only a few select people who Sparks allows into
his hidden abode where he keeps his beloved Momma. He probably could have never imagined how much his Momma’s wisdom could have saved him from the predicament he is in now…

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